Major remodelling of a 71 m2 apartment located in the heart of the Gothic quarter, Barcelona.

The challenge of this project was that it is a listed building, so apart from customer preferences, any modifications had to comply with the applicable town-hall regulations.

We performed structural reinforcements in order to modify internal layout of the flat and then proceeded to installing split-type air conditioning and heating systems. As for carpentry, the ceiling had original wood beams, which were in a deteriorated shape, so we had to reinforce them with timber before incorporating lighting into them.

In addition to electric wiring and plumbing, we also procured tailor-made furniture and installed home appliances of customer’s choice.

As for flooring, the original ceramic tiles were replaced with oak tree floor over a reinforced base.

As you can see, the common element of this home is wood.

It’s on the floors, on the ceiling, plus the furniture. Wood adds warmth to the space and helps to maintain style continuity throughout the house.

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