Integral Attic Reform - Mallorca

Integral Attic Reform


Major remodeling of an 84 sq. m. attic in Eixample.

We started from transforming the internal layout and removing the old non-load-bearing walls to create a more ample and visually clear space.

In addition to new electric wiring and plumbing, we installed heating and air conditioning systems. We also procured custom-made furniture for the kitchen and bathroom, along with a countertop for the living room, front and interior doors, and bedheads.

Interior design combines elements of retro and contemporary styles. The retro vibe is created by bright and contrasting hues, the use of geometry and decorative materials like glass or aluminium, in lamps, for example.

Contemporary style manifests itself in the pure and straight lines, solid and neutral colours, such as black, and, in synchrony with the retro style, the use of glass, among other.

Natural wood flooring helps to blend the two styles together and makes the place feel more warm and cosy.

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