Travessera de les Corts

Complete renovation


Travessera de les Corts

Complete renovation of a commercial property in Les Corts with total floor area of 238 sq. meters.

The main goal of the renovation was to add visibility, prominence and functionality to the business and make it look and feel more inviting for the general public.

Given that the business in question is a bakery shop & café, the central task was to ensure spacious and comfortable pass-through area for both customers and workers.

As for decoration, the trending approach to commercial interior design has lately been diaphanous open spaces filled with plants, which can be real, artificial or preserved, resulting in more versatile and organic spaces. Preserved or artificial flowers allow for an endless array of compositions, including murals, indoor gardens and green walls. Customers find such spaces to be more enjoyable, which means that they are also likely to spend more time and leave more money there.

Wood has played the pivotal role in this project, it is present in a whole number of applications: floring, furniture, ornaments, etc. Combined with plants, it makes the space feel more fresh and natural.

With this approach, we were able to create a spacious, comfortable, organic and functional property.

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