Piso en Muntaner

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Major remodeling Muntaner

Major remodeling of a 148 sq. meter apartment located in Sant Gervasi.

In this project, we took down all old partitions to transform the layout. All surfaces were renovated, along with new electric and plumbing installations, air conditioning system, and custom-made furniture and carpentry.

As for interior design, we chose certain simplicity, which should not be confused with no design at all, because we are talking about minimalism. The idea underpinning this style is that less is more. The highlight of the space is not what you can see inside it, but what it actually lacks.

The main characteristics of minimalism are the extreme simplicity of its shapes, pure lines, clear spaces and neutral colours, creating the sensation of inherent balance and harmony. Spaces are ample, and preferably tall, free of any frills. It is a functional environment, stripped of any excess, saturation and visual contamination.
This approach to interior design highlights the emptiness of the space, rather than the objects present in it.

We used white as a predominant colour across all rooms for more clarity, along with natural wood flooring, connecting all spaces. Exposed brick walls were painted white too, adding a certain ‘industrial’ vibe, which is a good fit for the overall minimalistic design.

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