Major remodelling of an 81 m2 apartment, situated in the heart of L’Eixample.

One of the main objectives of this project was to preserve the original design elements, which embody the distinctive Barcelonian charm of Eixample buildings. To this end, we recovered and exposed the traditional Catalan “bóveda” ceiling, and kept the antique window shutters.

There are numerous houses, which have this type of ceiling, although many of such “bóvedas” ended up concealed by a suspended ceiling because of remodelling of the space.

Works included plumbing, electrical wiring, and installation of ducted air conditioning system. As for carpentry, we designed custom cabinets for the kitchen and natural wood bathroom countertop, which was handmade based on the original measurements and shape.

We installed natural stone washbasins, these unique pieces add a lot of character to the bathroom and make it feel more cosy.
The concept behind this project was a fusion of rustic and contemporary styles, which may seem very different, but when combined wisely, they make up perfect spaces, which are both cosy and traditional, and functional and modern.

The key to success is to mix up textures, visual references and furniture. We decided to make stone and wood the main protagonists of the design.

The contemporary-style floor with smooth and plain texture is a perfect background for other elements. As for the walls, we were able to play with the materials, because we wanted to introduce rustic textures along with contemporary. One way to do it is by having accent walls in stone, wood or exposed brick, while keeping the rest of the walls smooth and neutral-colored.

As for visual references in the interior space, we opted for a more contemporary style: a lot of free spaces connected on the visual level with a common design thread.

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