Quesarium Reform


Quesarium Reform

The objective of this project was to turn a commercial property into a fancy cheese and wine boutique.

Modifying the internal layout, we were able to create a single-area high-ceilinged space, where the fundamental role is assigned to natural light.

We adopted elements of industrial style, which is based on humble and unpretentious architecture with eye-catchy visual elements, such as exposed brick and materials like wrought iron.

Another hallmark of this style is exposed installations, including pipes, worn-out steel beams or even electric wiring. The furniture for industrial interiors is made of wrought iron, steel and/or wood, and is characterized by simple and straight lines.

We opted for natural wood furniture, because its presence adds an organic vibe to any project. And given its ability to adapt to pretty much any space, wooden furniture makes a place feel more natural, pleasant and well-balanced.

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