Taulat 191




Major remodeling of a 74 sq.m. apartment in Poblenou neighborhood.

The principal objective of this project was modifying the existing layout in order to make the apartment more spacious and let more natural light inside.

Initially, the apartment consisted of three bedrooms, combined living and diving room, kitchen, bathroom, small laundry room, and a balcony facing the street. We suggested reducing the number of bedrooms, so as to get two spacious bedrooms instead of three, and changing the living room layout by integrating the kitchen into it. The new layout also allowed for a bigger bathroom – twice the size it used to be, and overall, larger and open spaces with more natural light.

As for interior design, we chose wood as the predominant material. It is sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and resistent. Wood can also work with any style, and owing to its natural thermic qualities, it brings warmth into any interior.

Neutral color palette creates a timeless and clean feel, which is easy to play off with a wide variety of furniture.

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