If you are considering doing any kind of renovation to your floor, you should ask yourself some key questions that will help you plan the process better, so that your renovation is perfect.

A renovation always has details that you have to consider, and many times you don’t know where to start. But stay calm – it’s all a matter of organization, and setting up priorities, in order to reach your goals.

Because of that, once your initial ideas are clear, have in mind that a renovation requires much more than just a budget.

You can avoid future headaches if, before doing any kind of renovation to your floor, you have in mind the answers to 7 essential questions that will help you be successful in your project:

1.- What kind of renovation do I want to do?

First you need to think about the type of renovation that you wish to do, remembering that each space must be functional, pleasant, and adapted to your tastes and your actual needs.

2.- Which spaces are more important?

It all depends on your particular priorities. However, the kitchen and bathrooms almost always represent top priorities in a house, as these are the spaces that the family members use the most.

reforma baño
You should also have in mind that those are also the spaces that require the most labor at the time of a renovation, although that also depends on what you want to do exactly.

Then you need to establish: 3. What is my budget for the renovation?

Once you are clear on how much money you will set aside for the renovation, you can contact some renovation businesses in order to ask them for quotes and prices. That way you will get a more accurate idea of how much will your project cost.

4.- What materials to choose?

Examine the types of materials that better adapt to the space that you want to renovate. That also depends on the budget you have for the renovation. Make sure that everything you choose has both harmony and equilibrium.

materiales a mano

Also, don’t put aside either quality, nor style.

5.-  Who will be in charge of the renovation? Maybe you are thinking about doing some of the work yourself, but you should know that not following construction rules could cause you a lot of problems.

It’s better to leave in the hands of the professionals any work that involves electricity, plumbing, the ground, and some other kinds of renovations.

We recommend that you request beforehand all the necessary permits before starting any renovation. If you hire a business to do it, they will be responsible for obtaining the required permits.

Once the renovation has started, if you don’t like anything about it, say it before it’s too late! It’s better to say you don’t like something in time, than saying nothing and regretting the end result.

6.- How much time will the renovation take?

No matter how simple the work that will be done to your floor, it will take time. And things might get a bit uncomfortable in your house while the renovation is in progress.

Therefore, plan ahead so that the duration of the renovation is as short as possible.

7.- What is the best time to do the renovation?

Although any moment is ideal to do it, spring and summer (in countries like the U.S.) have the most favorable days for any kind of renovation. This is so because during these seasons daylight lasts longer, the temperature is better, and certain materials behave better (so to speak).

That way you will start having control of what you want, and what you need.

It all requires time and planning. Have patience when getting started, and consider that unexpected events could also occur. What’s most important is being able to determine the best solution each time said events happen.

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