Renders: The latest design tool for architects.

Years ago the presentation of design and architecture was made using architectural models, a small scaled reproduction of a space in carton. These models played an important role in the perception of the space to the client, as they show physically the ideas proposed from designers and architects in a tridimensional and easy to understand format.

In the past years we had experienced an exponencial technological grow, and our world is becoming each time more and more digital. Photographies are now an important part of our everyday life, making our conception of space not only tridimensional, but also digital. Design, as us, is enriching itself from technology and incorporating new techniques and ways of making based on the digital world.

Not surprisingly the scaled models, used for top architects like Gaudí or Le Corbusierare now demodé, encouraging new digital ways of showing the design of a space to develop. The best asset the digital design market earned in the past few years is the render. A design tool that opens a new window of creative possibilities for designers and architects.

The render is a tool that helps developing spaces digitally, it makes scaled models, in which the client can see, like in a photography, how the space is going to look like after the intervention of the designer or architect. This tool allows the designer to incorporate exactly the materials, colors, furniture and illumination of the space.

The graphic and visual possibilities of the render had made it grow fast in the past years, and place it as one of the top techniques used by well know architectural and designe firms all over the world. The importance of this tool is increasing every day in the market, however not all the companies related to design, renewal or architecture are able to develop their own renders.

Next time you think about hiring a renewal company make sure they have a specialized render team, who will show you digitally how your space is going to look like after finishing the renewal. Details as interior design, materials, finishes, furniture, and decorative objects for each and one of your rooms is the best way to achieve a clean design and unique customized space. You won’t have to imagine anymore the design of a space, this amazing architectural tool will show you, as it wore a photography, how your space will look like after our renewal.


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