If you want to renovate your bathroom so that it’s functional, sustainable, and ecological at the same time, you can do so without issues – you just need to know how to do it without compromising the style and comfort of the place.

Renovations nowadays, specially for bathrooms, are a challenge due to the demands of them having to be functional, sustainable and ecological.

The main need is based in saving energy and water through the usage of sustainable sources of energy. Because of this, manufacturers are focusing more and more in designing and producing more alternatives with this principle in mind.

bathroom renovation

But it also refers to the usage of recycled and/or natural materials, where the main protagonists are wood and stone.

If what you want is to renovate your bathroom, but above all you want to make it sustainable and ecological, here we will teach you some solutions that will make sure your bathroom still keeps a pretty style.

Change the bathtub for a shower

Takings baths in a bathtub requires an excessive expenditure of water. Because of this, it’s better to substitute your bathtub for a shower so you can use significantly less water.

shower ecological

However, you should also to consider installing ecological fittings that help you regulate your total water consumption, thus avoiding wasting water.

Nowadays there’s also solar showers available in the market, which is a system that has the ability of heating water through solar energy (approximately 20 liters), allowing you to not only save in water but also in electricity.

Thermostats to reduce the time you wait for your water to heat up

 With the installation of thermostats you reduce the time you have to wait for your water to heat up, which translates into saving 6 liters of water each time you shower. This is so because you no longer need of let a lot of water run, waiting for it to get hot.

Integral toilets: A sustainable and ecological trend

There are toilets that offer two kinds of flushing: A complete flush of 6 liters of water, or half a flush of 3 liters of water. This functionality allows you to choose the amount of water that you want to flush with, according to your needs.

We also have the Roca W+W model which combines together two bathroom elements: The toilet and the sink. This helps us conserve the environment even more.

roca sustaninable bathroom

This combination allows us to gain space as well as “reuse water”, thus reducing our water consumption up to 60% in comparison to the traditional system. The water used in the sink is then used to fill up the tank of the toilet.

The technology of the W+W model in the sink area contains an automatic cleaning system that stops bacteria and foul odors from developing in the water, leaving it ready to be used for flushing the toilet.

Furniture and decorations using natural materials

 To complement your sustainable and ecological bathroom renovation, use stone wood, terracotta and ceramic as materials. You can decorate using recycled materials, bamboo, wicker baskets and 100% cotton fabrics. Also look for bathroom curtains that are mold-resistant.

 ecological bathroom renovation

Use low energy consumption light-bulbs, but also make it so that natural light can come in.

At the time of cleaning your bathroom use products that have the “eco” label. You can also use “home remedies” which are effective for cleaning and maintaining your bathroom.

In conclusion, a sustainable and ecological bathroom not only allows you to save more money each month, but it also helps preserve the environment in the best way possible. Let’s learn to take better care of nature without losing comfort and functionality in our spaces. What do you think? Do we agree?