If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, remember that this is the space where you spend most of your time. Thus, this space should be both functional and comfortable. Here we will show you the best five trends for renovating your kitchen.

At the time of renovating your kitchen you should look for an equilibrium between trends, functionality and comfort.

Nowadays, styles tend to go towards open spaces, minimalism, smooth and clean shapes, and a subtle incorporation of natural elements. However, the introduction of strong colors results in a decoration design that expresses warmth and boldness.

Among the best five trends for renovating your kitchen we have:


1. Open spaces

An open kitchen exudes more light and spaciousness, and also allows for more fluidity between the available spaces.

open kitchen

Combining the kitchen with the living room has remained a popular trend, as such a setup offers both functionality and comfort.


2. Colored lamination

Although minimalist styles are currently trending, the combination of two lamination colors is also trending. However, you need to be careful and not go overboard with the quantity of color you use.

Subtly play with the tones, but make sure the space provides a comfortable contrast – that way you will have a kitchen with a lot of personality.

colours in open kitchen

If you can’t add color to your walls or counters, you can also add color to your kitchen with colored appliances, thus breaking the visual monotony of the place. In this area, the vintage style offers interesting alternatives.


3. Floors made of micro-concrete

The latest trends show micro-concrete as an ideal material for modern kitchens. This kind of floor is easy to maintain, and offers a pleasant uniformity for the entire space.

A micro-concrete floor can add a modern plus rustic appearance to your kitchen, and it’s also very functional.

rustic kitchen

You can apply micro-concrete directly on floor tiles, without having to remove the ones you already have. This material usually consists of a fine, 3 millimeters thick, layer.


4. Lamps in sight

Suspended lamps are also part of popular design trends – all you have to do is regulate the height of your lamp, and you will get a style that breaks the patterns of what’s considered traditional. Don’t fear big lamps – if you have an open space, big lamps will look better.

kitchen lamps

You can put them on the kitchen islands, or on top of a table. These lamps focus the light in a more efficient way, which makes them ideal for these kinds of spaces.

Placing the lights on tall furniture in the kitchen is also very trendy, as doing that lightens your work zone, and adds a decorative element to the kitchen as well.


5. Natural or ecologic touch?

Giving a natural touch to your kitchen is also very trendy, under the ecologic trend. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean adding plants or some flowerpots to your kitchen – it mostly means using natural materials such as wood, stone and/or clay. Wooden floors are very commonly used under this trend, as they are very warm and long lasting. If you decide to use wooden floors, avoid using varnishes that are not of natural origin.

As alternative materials you may also use bamboo, cork and/or linoleum, as these are renewable and resilient.

You should renovate your kitchen taking into account how to help the environment. To do that, we strongly suggest that you get and use efficient appliances (A+++) that consume less energy and water.

So, now that you know the latest trends for renovating your kitchen, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. So get to work!

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