If you like the rustic style, then wooden beams will be the perfect element to add a more cozy environment to your house. 

Wooden beams have become an ideal element for renovating ceilings, as these: 

  • Bring harmony and warmth to your house 
  • Help you improve imperfections in your house 
  • And add additional personality to your ceilings 

Also, wooden beams have broken the pattern of what’s traditional, and have been adapted to other styles, combining the ancient with the modern. 

However, you also have to keep in mind that, in many instances, wooden beams work well for ceiling support, and offer better illumination for your home. 

You can choose dark wood, light wood, non-refined wood, colored wood, or you can combine wooden beams with crystals, which adds a high-up look and a lot of lighting. So, if you wish to renovate the ceiling of your house, don’t fret! Wooden beams adapt to any style and decoration. 


Light sources with wooden beams 

Wooden beams are useful for anything you need regarding ceilings, even incorporating small light sources in the ceiling, which can be complemented with some details on the walls. This is a very youthful and modern style which offers an oriental and different appearance. 



Flying wooden beams 

This is, without a doubt, a non-traditional format of wooden beams which, architecturally, provides a very beautiful visual effect to our homes. 

They are used mainly in two-level spaces, or very high home ceilings. They add strength and style to the ceilings, and can be used combining the natural colors of the woods. If you are more daring you can add color to the wooden beams, specially if you want to combine the colors of the ceilings and the walls. 


Wooden beams outdoors 

Wooden beams in gardens and porches are also very trendy. Complemented with lamps and hanging flowerpots, they allow you to enjoy an outdoors cozy environment where you can play with the colors and the natural lighting. 

Without a doubt, this is an element that’s becoming very trendy for both interior and exterior design, as it provides a lot of personality for the decoration of your house, both indoors and outdoors. 



The reality is that in the past, wooden beams on ceilings were an essential structure for the construction of any living place. Nowadays they are usually just a decorative element that exudes a lot of style. In this case, what’s important is to not overload spaces with this element. 

If you already have ceilings with wooden beams, but these have become rotten or damaged, we suggest that you restore them, and give them the color or style that you wish. 

If you don’t have wooden beams installed, you can add them to your ceilings in any space you want, always choosing the proper design and measurements for the ceiling you have. And once again, remember to not go overboard with this resource. 


So, have you now decided to renovate your ceilings, and add wooden beams to them? 

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