When considering the renovation of an old apartment, it is very likely that in the original structure you’ll have a Catalan dome ceiling. This structural element is classic in Spanish urban constructions and is a resource that you can show off skilfully.

This corrugated brick roof had its heyday in the 19th century. Over the years, many of the Catalan domes were removed. However, they are now a flagship resource for those buildings that have stood the test of time, in addition to being a valuable aesthetic element.

We will provide you with a large catalogue of ideas from the projects completed by the professional team at VB Reformas Integrales. Get to know what style options you have for your apartment renovation if you have the ingenuity to include a Catalan dome.

Getting the modernist style back

The rise of the Catalan domes came hand in hand with the modernist style. To such an extent, that this ceiling structure is characteristic of the modernist style. Given the historical added value of this type of structure, it is very beneficial that you take advantage of the original modernist style of the house and improve its functionality.

If you have a modernist renovation project in front of you, we recommend that you consider restoring the original parts of the house, including hydraulic floors, wooden beams and the Catalan domes.

We invite you to get to know more about the recommendable changes for this type of modernist renovation.

Perception at the highest level

A Catalan dome can be a clever alternative to apply in a small space. It allows creating the illusion to the visitor’s eye that the space is much larger. Additionally, you can add functionality to this space.

You can appreciate this idea executed in the renovation of the Loft Industrial Roc Boronat. In this flagship project by VB Reformes Integral, the space was expanded as much as possible with the use of high, domed-style ceilings.

diseño industrial poblenou

The Catalan dome worked to integrate all the environments and obtain an extra space to include additional bedrooms. The result is a harmonious style and a subtle use of space, which gives the perception of having much more dimension.

Create a subtle style

If the appearance and texture of this type of ceiling does not go hand in hand with the renovation that you are planning, don’t worry, there are more discreet ways to have the benefits of a Catalan dome.

In the Vía Laietana penthouse renovation project, a thin coating was used over the roof bricks to maintain the captivating shape on the ceiling without being the center of attention.

The renovation of Ático Vía Laietana is an example where VB Reformas Integrales shows how this type of ceiling was used to give a touch of style and dimension to a space. On the other hand, it unifies the spaces of the room by maintaining the continuity of the style.

Reforma integral ático Via Laietana

The rustic styles are your allies

For a renovation with a rustic style or an industrial style, including a Catalan dome is an option that provides enormous aesthetic value to complete the setting. Using this type of ceiling with exposed brick creates a warmer and more personal environment.

For renovations with an industrial style, it is a characteristic aesthetic contribution to include brick wall materials and textures seen next to a Catalan dome.

A clear example of this application is the industrial-style Loft renovation project. Here, VB Reformas Integrales integrated industrial design elements, using different materials such as rustic woods, iron and concrete.

Separation of environments

Depending on how it is included, the Catalan dome can serve to delimit environments in a spacious room. This visual separation from the room allows you to conveniently isolate an area, without losing the open and bright environment.

You can balance different decoration styles by using environments in a room. Both for its warmth and its brick texture, the Catalan dome allows you to contrast it with more sober and elegant styles without losing balance.

This was achieved in the Ronda Sant Antoni renovation, where an open-plan concept was used between the kitchen and the main living room. The rustic style of classic modernism is present in the kitchen, under a beautiful restored dome, while the living room contrasts with its fine Provencal-French style.

The wooden beams as an alternative

The brick finish is not the only alternative if you want to use a ceiling with rustic finishes. The visible wooden beam ceilings are a variation that you can use on their own or join them with a Catalan dome for a much warmer finish.

The advantage you have when using wooden beams, is that it is a noble material that gives a natural and harmonious touch to your space. You can consult this information to get to know the different possible arrangements with a wooden beam ceiling.

techo vigas de madera

Restoration of the Catalan dome

Many of the Catalan domed structures were built in the 19th century. It is likely that if you have one in your structure, you will need to restore it to be safe. It is important that you consider this restoration process as part of your renovation.

You should know that the restoration process for this type of ceiling requires cleaning and chipping of the entire surface. It is a process that requires professionals who use the necessary techniques to return the structure to its original integrity and appearance.

It is recommended that you consult a company with experience in similar projects. Having a portfolio of projects such as those presented by VB Reformas Integrales is of great help to know the quality of possible finishes.

We hope that this range of ideas will help you to consider whether you want to keep or cover a classic Catalan dome. You can contact us at any time if you are interested in knowing the budget of the project you want to fulfill.

Did you know the potential of Catalan domes? Don’t forget to share any concerns or doubts, we will be happy to hear from you!