Vacation rental homes are booming, Especially in such touristic cities like Barcelona. Learn how to renovate a tourist apartment to be able to receive the next vacationers.

The demand for tourist apartments is growing and has been for approximately 4 years. Especially in big cities with tourist attractions like Barcelona.

Fortunately, Multiple platforms and applications currently exist that make it easy to rent a tourist apartment. however, for a vacation apartment to be successful, it must stand out among the rest and enchant potential tourists at first sight.

To achieve this charm and appeal in the apartment, it’s necessary to condition it and remodel it, to welcome tourists anxious to rest. You need to know that some aspects must be maintained with care and attention to detail.

Learn which are your best options and infallible ideas among the renovations of tourist apartments in Barcelona.

The needs of a tourist in a rental apartment

Certainly if you wish to create a space ideal for tourists, you should think about their needs and what they want to achieve by choosing to search for a vacation rental apartment.

The advantage of opting for a vacation rental apartment over a room in a luxurious hotel, firstly, besides being a more economical option it’s the warm and homely environment that can make one feel they’re in a local apartment.

touristic apartment decoration

Secondly, the functionality that you get when you accept not just a room in a hotel but an entire apartment is very convenient for travellers, so maintaining excellent functionality is key.

Last of all, the opportunity to experiment with the customs and styles of local life is another wish of many visitors. To complete this last point, it’s important therefore to conserve a certain essence of the city and the tradition of the zone.

Necessary renovation adaptations

To carry out a renovation of a tourist apartment it is important to achieve a captivating and comfortable space. The following are some recommendations on how to achieve it in a Barcelona apartment:

  • Generally the apartments present in Barcelona are modernist in style with closed layouts and long corridors, so the rooms need to be rearranged to create open spaces, this would be the first phase of the renovation.
  • Be sure that the electrical installations and the lighting are functioning appropriately. It’s very likely that they’ll need to be changed and updated.
  • The bathrooms in modern apartments tend to be small. Give them more space, and a good finish is necessary for the comfort of the tenants.
  • Guarantee the best functionality in domestic spaces
  • During the vacation apartment renovation it’s necessary to conserve the modernist style which characterises the buildings in Barcelona. To achieve this, conserving the great big windows and original floors is a good strategy.

If you’d like to know more about the steps to follow for a renovation you can consult our Mega guide to renovations in Barcelona. This way you can get better advice on Renovations and get to know our work.

Cosy and homely decoration style

Let’s remember that a tourist that seeks rented accommodation for tourists desires an environment with personality, that’s homely and comfortable. So the decoration should truly reflect these characteristics.

Interior design and decoration should handle a palette of attractive and daring colours, abundant lighting and implement decoration elements typical of local appeal.

bathroom touristic apartment

Of course, it’s reasonable to get prior advice and study the vacation rental apartments available. This study of tourist apartments can be helpful in deciding on an original design style or to decide to opt for the style in highest demand.

The budget must be strict

Tourist apartment renovations stand out among renovation jobs in terms of appearance, they must have a highly controlled and limited budget.

This type of renovation is an investment and you want to offer an economical and attractive option to tourists. If you make a disproportionate investment the investment project cannot be easily recovered.

To count on the support of a renovation company to keep a close eye on the project and a budget well broken down is greatly convenient to complete with the budget intact.

You can observe the Renovation of Floridablanca, How VB Reformas were capable of carrying out a Renovation in Barcelona destined for a tourist rental apartment with excellent finishings and services with a fitting cost, without exceeding the budget.

A Renovation for a rentable tourist apartment is a challenge which requires experience, knowledge of materials, skilled work and great attention to detail. This type of investment is worth it, especially if you count on a trustworthy renovation company.