Renovations in Ciutat Vella are usually a very necessary task in old buildings since it’s Barcelona’s first district, an area whose streets and buildings tell the story, origin and fascinating culture of this great city.

In it resides the Barcelona of avant-garde XIX century, rich in architecture, gastronomy and all sorts of art, turning it into the city’s historical centre. However, this district is also known for being one of the liveliest and most diverse.

The neighbourhoods of Ciutat Vella

Among its biggest attractions is the architectural diversity of the four neighbourhoods that are a part of it. In each of them you can appreciate different cultural footprints of over two thousand years of history:

El Gótic

It’s the main urban centre of the city, where the history of Ciutat Vella beguins, its streets are labyrinthine and narrow in the medieval style, this being one of its main attractions.

Sant Pere, Santa Caterina, El Born and La Ribera

Sant Pere, Santa Caterina, El Born i La Ribera

It’s the area with the liveliest atmosphere in Barcelona, it’s got buildings and palaces hundreds of years old.

El Raval

It represents the main intercultural area of Ciutat Vella, in its streets it’s common to see many shops whose owners have come from different parts of the world.

La Barceloneta

This neighbourhood is one of the most popular and charismatic of all of Ciutat Vella and Barcelona, its maritime atmosphere attracts many tourists and its streets have got a tranquility foreign to the city.

The necessity of renovating in Ciutat Vella

The cultural and architectural diversity, the history in its streets, the beauty of its buildings and the different atmosphere it offers, make Ciutat Vella one of the most attractive areas in Barcelona.

However, the age of its infrastructure, its buildings and dwellings, make it a necessity to make renovations in Ciutat Vella. Especially in flats, since they don’t have the maintenance the government gives to other buildings such as churches or plazas.

In the flats of the buildings in Ciutat Vella, we usually find all sorts of wear and tear: filtrations in walls and ceilings, cracks in floor mosaics, damage in door and window frames, among others.

Renovations in the flats of Ciutat Vella can be different for each type of building, depending on its location, type of construction or size.

However, the following are the most common renovations in Ciutat Vella, be it to restore, modify, or personalise your home:

The ceilings

As in most old buildings, these are usually very high, sometimes built with Catalan vaults and other times with wooden beams. In both cases restoration will possibly be needed.

In the case of the vaults, the coating of the bricks or replacement of the ones that show great damage. As for beamed ceilings, restoring and maintaining them is almost mandatory, due to the possible damage done by humidity and age. The most damaged must also be replaced.


Most floors in the flats of Ciutat Vella are made of concrete, with combinations in bedrooms and sitting rooms of hydraulic mosaics with hardwood.

In both cases, rehabilitation, replacement and restoration is mandatory, as the longevity of these floors will surely have brought on a lot of wear, and in some parts of the flat, permanent damage.

Renovating the terrace or balconies of a flat in Ciutat Vella

They represent one of the most common characteristics, and they are the most frequently sought renovations in Ciutat Vella. Being under the sun and rain for so long, the deterioration of these parts of the flat is normal.

It means recovering the beauty and comfort they offer. This without damaging the flat’s architectural essence, as they are a part of the building’s exterior and thus the landscape of its streets.

Restoring the walls, door frames and floors are the renovations which are normally done in these flats’ terraces and balconies.

Lift, pipes and electric installations

More so than renovations, what’s mandatory in this case is the exhaustive revision of them, as well as the air conditioning and heating. Correcting every detail and renovating what’s necessary to guarantee the optimal function of its components is the main activity that must be done.

There are other possible renovations for flats in Ciutat Vella, in this guide we’ve named the most relevant. Depending on your preferences you’ll be able to reorganise or change the space distribution to turn your home into a much cosier place for yourself and your family.

When you decide to do renovations in a flat in Ciutat Vella, it’s important that you pick a specialised integral renovations company and with the necessary experience to execute them in an efficient and professional way.

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