Les Corts is known as one of the best areas to live in Barcelona, and there are plenty of reasons for it. If you live in Les Corts, you’re near everything: touristic and interesting places, great shopping areas and, of course, the Camp Nou.

In the same way, this exclusive area of Barcelona is made up of 2 neighbourhoods, each of them with a different particular attractive:

  • La Maternitat y Sant Ramón: It’s one of the doors to Barcelona, it counts the Camp Nou and the headquarters of the FC Barcelona among its neighbours, and the graveyard of Les Corts is located in it.

les corts camp nou

  • Pedralbes: It’s the neighbourhood with the highest purchasing power in Barcelona, in it we can find great mansions and billionaire residences, it’s the quietest area in Les Corts.

Investing or living in a perfect area

The atmosphere in this prestigious area has a mixture of attractions that make it perfect to live or invest in a flat located in any of its neighbourhoods. It’s lively and quiet at the same time, it’s full of gardens and plazas, it has got the most active commercial life in all of Barcelona… in short, it’s the ideal space for anyone.

Because of that, investing in renovating in Les Corts, or simply renovating the flat in which you already reside, is a great idea.

Whether it’s to invest or to do a few touch-ups in your home, doing renovations in a flat in Les Corts is necessary to avoid a loss in its value. In some cases, said renovations are urgent, due to the age of the building it belongs to.

Time to do renovations in Les Corts

In the same way, it’s necessary to identify the characteristics of your flat, in its construction as well as its design, so that you can know how and when to do the renovations.

In the case of these neighbourhoods, there are different types of buildings and flats, as well as their ages, so renovations in Les Corts are usually different for each of them.

Among the main characteristics and their respective potential (and recommended) renovations are:

Space distribution

The existence of different corridors and big kitchens is common in the flats of Les Corts, which significantly reduces their space and comfort. The redistribution of these spaces is essential to achieve a cosier and more comfortable space.

Removing some of said corridors and reducing the needless large dimensions of the kitchen, can be the potential solutions for this inconvenience.

The floors

As for the floors, these are usually hardwood, hydraulic pavements or a combination of both. They represent one of the most common elements in the buildings of Les Corts.

As for the floors, if the flat’s renovation includes a change of colour in walls and a redistribution of the space, it’s necessary to completely replace the pavement or hardwood.

The reason for this is the necessity to combine the styles and the atmosphere, in minor renovations, maintenance and replacement of broken pavements are equally mandatory to avoid visual distortions.

The ceilings

Most ceilings in these flats are of a medium height and have a layer (false ceiling) used to install lights and lamps in the whole flat.

Said layer in most cases must be replaced, to remove the stains caused by humidity as well as the paint’s wear and tear.

Electrical, sanitary and water installations

This is one of the mandatory activities in every renovation in Les Corts, it’s necessary to revise every pipe, wiring and installation in the flat. This is because they represent the most used element inside the home.

Detecting possible defects, filtrations or obstructions, to later repair or substitute them is essential to avoid any future damage after the renovations have been executed.

Minimalist Architecture in Les Corts

Minimalist architecture predominates in flats in Les Corts, however in some cases we can find buildings with more medieval and elegant details, making room for centenarian architectures.

decor les corts renovation

In this case, the better option is to retouch the minimalist and period details, without losing their essence and maintaining the beauty that characterises them.

If you have a flat or are thinking about acquiring one, and you decide to renovate it, don’t forget to hire a company with the experience and qualified personnel to do renovations in Les Corts. Remember that it’s your inversion or your home.

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