Walls can be much more than just a structural element, get to know the aesthetic potential that is leading to renovations with exposed brick walls, a trend seen to be increasingly used in styles such as industrial and rustic.

Walls have evolved as another element in the room that contribute decoration and character to an apartment. Of course, this is not limited to the colour of the paint or the use of novel patterned paper, but rather, texture is another quality with which can add nuances to the room.

In this case exposed brick walls have gained enormous popularity. Thanks to the warmth and rustic touch that can be obtained when exposed. Still, like everything in interior design, it should be used appropriately with the decorating style and not overused. We will give some useful information to incorporate them into your design.

Experiment with your layout and an exposed brick wall

An exposed brick wall is very practical to join or separate the distribution of a room. It can serve as an extremely subtle way to create a division of space. Naturally, it creates a difference from that wall to the others and this can also make it the focus of attention in the room.

In the same way, a union of different spaces can be created with a brick wall seen along the length of both spaces, giving a feeling of uniformity and relating both areas. This is especially useful on open-plan concept apartments to maintain continuity in the dwelling.

Where is best to locate exposed brick walls

When you decide to expose a wall so that the brick is exposed, this also affects its insulation. That is why it is advisable not to choose external walls for conversion.

An exception to this recommendation is if on the other side of that external wall is a wall from the neighbouring building, as this can help maintain insulation seamlessly even if the brick is left exposed on your wall.

Renovations exposed brick wallsRenovations exposed brick walls

On the other hand, it is not advisable to place an extensive section of exposed brick wall in small rooms, such as a bathroom. This is because it would generate the feeling of a smaller space

Exposed brick wall according to your style. Rustic or industrial?

One great advantage of this type of wall is that it can adapt according to the style of decoration that you wish to achieve. During a renovation, you can add an exposed brick wall to give a touch of style that can be rustic as well as industrial, depending on other materials that you use in the space.

The use of materials such as cast iron, glass and concrete are oriented to the industrial style, while the use of natural woods and warm or neutral colours is oriented to the rustic style.

An exposed brick wall is well suited to this pair of styles as well as can be balanced with other decor styles.

For example, if its characteristic colour is a very noticeable distraction, you can paint it with a neutral colour to soften it. The more irregular the wall, the greater its contribution of rustic or industrial style to the room.

Examples of renovations with exposed brick walls

If you are thinking of including them in your next renovation, we invite you to discover some projects by VB Reformas Integrales that demonstrate how versatile exposed brick walls can be, adapting to the industrial and rustic styles, as well as other extremely different styles.

Ronda Sant Antoni Renovation

In this project it was desired to recover the original and rustic charm of the house. For this, a Provencal-French style of decoration is adopted at the request of the client, which includes a colour palette of varieties of whites and light rooms.

Given the structural elements of the farm, it was decided to continue the renovation with exposed brick walls to incorporate a rustic style into the house. This works perfectly in harmony with the Provencal-French decoration style.

As a result, a balance is then struck between French elegance with rustic style that is very characteristic of traditional Catalan homes.

Roc Boronat Loft Renovation

During this reform, the preservation of the original structural elements were also prioritised. In other words, the Catalan vaults and exposed brick walls were preserved.

The design style selected for this project was the industrial style in which the exposed brick walls fit perfectly, that were included in the renovation not only for their industrial aesthetic contribution throughout much of the house, but motivated by its deterioration it needed to be recovered to regain structural stability.

industrial decoration

A balance is achieved by exposing as appropriate only sections of brick wall as well as displaying an original part of the house.

All the renovations and designs of these three projects were carefully managed by the specialists of VB Reformas Integrales. This company is validated by its excellent reputation and numerous satisfied customers, where thanks to years of experience and training they can create an environment with various styles balanced with harmony.

We hope that these examples serve as inspiration for your next project and do not hesitate to contact VB Reformas Integrales to consult the budget and design of your dreams.

Do you think that the exposed brick walls go better with the industrial style or with the rustic style? Let us know your opinion.

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