A house with rustic decoration has the charm of transmitting warmth and calm. Is it mad to long for a home that makes you forget the busy life of the city? After all, your home should be your relaxation space after a long day.

You can get that comforting space in a rustic-style apartment. Fortunately, this style doesn’t have to be limited to just rural farms. Currently there are many options to Include a rustic decoration in your home and create a rural atmosphere.

If you are enthusiastic about that Provencal style right in the center of the metropolis, we have prepared a brief guide of some practices to include if you want to achieve a rustic decoration in your apartment.

The rustic colour palette

To start creating your rustic-style apartment, you must work with the appropriate colour palette. This is based on muted neutral colours, those related to the countryside. This includes the brown, beige, white, and grey families.

Already with a relaxing colour base, you can highlight and enliven the décor using bold contrasting colours like ocher, red, blue and green colour families. Used in balance you manage to add the warmth to complete the decoration.

To display brick walls

The use of different textures and materials is characteristic of the rustic style. Indeed, part of this style seeks to replicate the textures you expect from a country house. In this case, including a bare brick wall adds that rustic texture and colour very much in keeping with this idea.

brick walls

In practice, exposed brick walls are easy to include in any room. They stand out in a spacious room, however, if you have a small room you can use only sections of this type of wall to achieve the same aesthetic value.

In addition to the visual effect they give your apartment, you can use exposed brick walls to improve the use of your space. Depending on how you use them, you can join or divide spaces to improve the functionality of a room. Here we give you more details about the use of exposed brick walls.

Wood is a key material

The rustic decoration style is very attached to nature and everything that reminds us of it, in that case, what better material for the job than wood?

If you use elements made of wood, you will manage to achieve that warm and homely look typical of a rustic house. Make sure to always opt for those natural or even untreated wood finishes. It is best if you are inclined to choose thick and aged looking furniture.

Moreover, wood is a very noble material that provides soundproofing and thermal insulation. So it is not only for rustic accessories but it is useful furniture for you to protect your country retreat experience.

Pay attention to textiles

Do not neglect the selection of textiles present in your rustic decoration. By maintaining a variety of natural textiles and matching your colour palette, you pay attention to the harmony and warmth you want to create.

The natural fibres par excellence for a rustic style apartment are for example linen, cotton and vegetable fibres made from coconut, bamboo or wicker. You can include them as part of the furniture upholstery, bedspreads, baskets, sheets and curtains.

So, which colours to choose? You can keep the colour palette neutral or highlight with beautiful patterns in keeping with the natural theme, such as contrasting colours and floral patterns.

Wooden beams at the top

Be sure to get inspired by those beautiful rural estates. To transform your apartment and adopt this aesthetic, you can make use of the characteristic wooden beams on the ceiling. This change creates a noticeable difference in your apartment that breaks with the urban scheme of the city.

As with furniture, it is best to use wood with natural finishes. The wood tone you choose can affect the perception of the space; the light tones give rise to wide and neat spaces while the dark tones will give you more warmth.

Reforma Integral piso Aribau

It is not necessary for your apartment to have these types of beams as a functional part of the structure, as they can be installed for aesthetic purposes. They are useful even installed as a decoration, because the wood is a wonderful insulator. To learn about other applications of wood beam ceilings, we invite you to read this article.

Control the lighting

The cherry on top of the decoration for your apartment with a rustic style, is the adaptation of the lighting. This has to be dim and diffused, contrary to the urban style that uses artificial and intense lighting. You can achieve this with the use of natural light and warm lights.

When using spotlights with rustic materials such as cast iron or filament bulbs, you get this type of dim lighting. In the same way, you get an aesthetic value that goes perfectly with the decoration for your rustic apartment.

Avoid abusing the cold light led bulbs that, although necessary for functionality, can break with the rustic aesthetics created.

With these elements, you can transform an apartment in the middle of the city into a cozy rural home. The advantage of the rustic style is that you can balance it together with different elements from other decoration styles and achieve the environment that you like the most for your apartment.

If you would like to see examples of projects where rustic decoration has been combined with other styles, you can see our work at VB Reforma Integrales. We have experience creating apartments where multiple styles of decoration work in harmony. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to include the rustic style in your apartment.

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