The bathroom is a valuable space in our apartment, already that in the majority of the cases it represents a place to relax, bathe, wash, not to think any more of the problems of the daily life.

To ensure comfort in the bathroom, it is important to consider not only the decoration, but also the form and style. All this will help us feel better, now, just as the renovation plan is starting, a question arises: would it be better to install a shower or a bathtub?

In the following lines, we will evaluate the pros and cons so that you make the best decision for your bathroom.

Why choose a bathtub?

Of the two options, bathtubs are, without doubt, the most relaxing and they take the place of space to rejuvenate and feel better, which sometimes seems complicated because of modern stress.

In a bathtub you have the advantage of being able to use products in the bath water for foot care and relaxation. If you feel discomfort, you can add Epsom Salt and for a relaxing and healthy bath, use special salts and soaps like those from the brand J’essenza, it’s quite an experience.

In addition, it is proven that immersing 10 minutes in water every day can reduce cortisol levels, which will cause less stress and premature aging. So it wouldn’t be worth investing in a bathtub?

Now the big disadvantage of bathtubs is space. If you really want a bathtub to work, you need to condition the space with neutral colors so that they give the impression of a larger space. The white and black tiles in the bathroom probably give the illusion of a larger area.

On the other hand, if your bathroom has the capacity to hold a bathtub, you can allow yourself to explore shapes and consider an innovative and creative renovation. Pay attention to the styles of bathtubs that are out of the ordinary.

On the other hand, we must evaluate whether we want a curtain or a shower screen. The secret is to insert it in a transparent glass, with that you will obtain a more ample and luxurious aspect.

Finally, be sure to create enough space to walk between the tub, toilet and sink. Keep the space as clear as possible.

The shower as an alternative for a small space

As previously mentioned, one of the largest occupants of space in the bathroom is the bathtub. Instead of investing in a large tub that takes up too much space or, even worse, a small tub that you can’t even get into, consider a shower area.

Showers are the most suitable choice for people who are active and able to use them. Similarly, it is advised that if you exercise regularly or go to the beach or pool, you should definitely opt for a shower and not a bathtub.

Standing showers are generally safer for children and the elderly. Lifting your leg into a bathtub can be a big problem.

You have to take into account that showers don’t have to be boring. You can use tiles for decoration. The interior designer in Beacon, New York, Pamela Dailey, explained to NYtimes magazine that, in bathroom design, tiles should only be used in the shower, where it will be placed a single line in a distributed pattern up to the ceiling.

Also, for a better result of your renovation you should include a mirror. Mirrors in bathrooms are not only used to check if everything is correct before leaving your home. They also serve to reflect natural or artificial light creating the appearance of a large space.

One element to consider is the issue of water waste, which can be harmful to the environment. Although the answer depends on the size of the tub, the depth of the water and the efficiency of the shower, in general, the shower will use less.

The choice in a renovation between shower and bath is reduced mainly to personal preferences and the problem of space. Based on this, you need to consider what your priority is and ahead, hands at work!

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