Do you already know the colour trends to renovate your kitchen? Have you no idea which colour to choose? In this post I’ll show you which are the top trending colours this year 2019.

Colour is a part of the style and it represents the personality of every space. Thus, even though this is a basic element, it is also one of the most important when it comes to renovate your home kitchen.

Choosing its colour can be a quite complicated task, since as it is the main creative space in your home, it’s worth choosing a special hue. According to your style and your tastes, but also fitting the ambience of the rest of the flat or house.

That’s why after an in-depth study about trends and decorative styles for the year that’s just begun, I’ve taken on the job of choosing the 4 trends on colours to renovate your home to try and ease such a difficult task.

1. White, the classic which never goes out of fashion

White in a kitchen not only gives it the traditional elegance which characterises it, but also offers very attractive visual aspects such as the feeling of more space, or a natural image very clean an organised.

reforma cocina minimalista

In the same way, white kitchens have been on trend for the last few years, due to the luminosity of this colour which makes it easy to combine with other light tones used nowadays such as yellow or green.

Such versatility lets us turn a white kitchen into a space in a modern, minimalist or even innovative style. Details to keep in mind when you decide to renovate your home kitchen.

2. Green, ideal for a vintage ambience

In the last few years vintage environments have been a marked trend, nowadays there are designs inspired in kitchens from the 60s and 70s. Where green is the main colour as this tone was widely used back then.

Among the available colours to renovate the kitchen, this one is ideal to create enjoyable and relaxing ambiences. Trying combinations with white details and materials in darker colours, such as brown or gold, results in environments inspired by past eras.

3. Black, the easiest to combine

Black is a colour which has been a little ignored in the last few years, however its use is turning into a trend, as combining it with other warm colours such as grey or beige results in a very elegant and novel ambience.


In the same way, using black as the base colour when renovating a kitchen, lets you use different lighter hues in the rest of the home. This gives you the freedom to use that contrast for modern and innovative decorations and furniture.

4. Wood, the rustic colours material

Wood is a material which offers very attractive natural hues, which give the kitchen a country touch while still being elegant, achieving a perfect combination.

Using said colours to renovate your kitchen will create a rustic aesthetic in the environment, ideal to be combined with a bar or furniture in antique styles. This gives the home a different environment, especially for refined tastes.

It’s always a good idea to count on professionals to do renovations in the homes as well as to ask for advice about style and colours, especially when it comes to the kitchen, as it constitutes a very special space in our home.

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