There is nothing better to stay up to date with new trends this year, such as the best home renovation and decoration blogs in Spanish this 2020. These websites stand out for their high quality and continuous innovation to keep you inspired and ready to start your project.

With all of the information available online, Blogs serve as a great fountain of information and in the case of renovations have forged their way to be much more than just a catalog of styles, but rather an extensive guide of ideas, solutions to problems and application of decoration adapted for every space.

The variety of Blogs is broad, many offer specialised services and exclusive content, so we recommend that you take the time to review its contents and thus get those that fit your interests and projects.

1. Houzz

With sections dedicated to each space of the home and different aspects of a renovation, in this renovation blog you can get excellent advice and ideas to carry out any remodelling project that you want.

The content of this renovation blog is led by professionals in the field and presents advice from the point of view of experience. You can contact these experts to receive their advice personally.

Likewise, they exhibit multiple renovation projects, with their respective ‘before and after’ of many homes and how to overcome different complications.

If you want to know about design and architecture news or tricks and ideas for your next renovation, we definitely recommend this blog of remodelling projects.

2. Interiores

This magazine dedicated to ideas and interiors keeps a blog of interior reforms constantly updated. Here you can find some of the trends that are taking place at the moment.

You can enjoy content that guides you in adapting different styles of decoration to spaces, such as properly developing light balances and colour palettes and other vital tools to transform any space.

On the other hand, you can enjoy renovation processes with their respective comparison of before and after work, narrated in detail. Stay up to date with the decoration trends with this blog or if you wish you can request a subscription to the respective magazine.

3. El Mueble

If you are looking for that space of inspiration, El Mueble’s renovation blog is the ideal place to fill yourself with ideas from leading specialists in renovations.

From news about current trends to distribution tips to take advantage of spaces or different colour combinations.

You have various ideas supported by many photographs that are ideal to see the concepts in practice in different spaces and apply them appropriately.

They have the advantage of being very attentive to caring for the environment, always recommending ecologically friendly materials, recycling methods, energy saving and DIY.

4. Micasa

A decoration blog in Spanish created based on the decoration magazine of the same name. Here you will find the combination of style with functionality.

Its articles in the renovation section are full of ideas that show how to renovate and modernise your home without losing focus of its utility and use of spaces. It is a very good source if you want to learn to see spaces from new points of view.

Of course, trends and innovative proposals are not lacking, they always go for avant-garde ideas and perfect practices to update any home.

5. Decoesfera

Being aware of the changing trends in the world of interior design and renovation is not easy, it will become a more pleasant experience if you follow this blog. Decoesfera is dedicated to updated content for modern decoration in all spaces of the home.

With a large catalog of new furniture, you can be up to date with the best offers and new options available in materials, decorations and appliances for renovations. It is an excellent way of acquiring these goods directly from authorised distributors, ensuring you get the most technological, modern or best adapted to your style of decoration.

6. Vintage & chic

If you are enthusiastic about the classic rustic decoration style, ​​this is the ideal blog for you. Vintage & chic is a blog that seeks to teach you how to bring the old to the present, with incredible and functional decorations.

With stories of renovations narrated personally and countless ideas for using different materials and colours, it allows you to keep yourself in perspective of what is necessary for a renovation project, inspired and observing not so traditional but equally effective solutions.

It is one of the most influential sites in Spain, with daily publications it is the ideal portal to always have content on hand if you want to know more about the love for houses with history.

7. Decoratrix

This blog serves as a complete and comprehensive platform on renovations and interior decoration. It covers, in different sections, everything you need to know about different spaces in the home and steps necessary for a renovation.

You can count on excellent tricks and guides for renovations, with content prepared by renovation specialists, designers, decorators and photographers, it is undoubtedly a medium with high quality content and photographs.

The advantage of this renovation blog is that in addition to being a broad base of information, it serves as a meeting point for clients, interior decoration enthusiasts, consultants and professional agents of renovations.

From these renovation blogs you can stay informed of your favourite aspects to transform a space throughout the year. If you feel stuck with a problem or project, don’t hesitate to go to these articles to find a spark of ingenuity.

Of course, you can also keep up to date with excellent advice and examples of renovations through our content blog related to space reforms in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Which blog has seemed most interesting to you? Did you already know of any? Don’t forget to tell us your opinion in the comments.