How many times have you dreamed of having an oasis in your own home? Probably often, but do you know how close you are to realising your dream?

Balconies and terraces are ideal spaces for incredible transformations that will make your home become the idyll you’ve always longed for. Today we’ll bring you a checklist that will ensure your terrace renovation is a success.

How to transform terraces?

Pay attention to the psychology of colour

Many times a simple change of color on your walls can highlight the best attributes of your space, especially if you understand that each color conveys something in particular.

Whilst colour is important, don’t forget the basics, white is an obvious choice bringing a clean spacious look to any terrace. White also brings luminosity and this is vital in outdoor spaces where family members often spend their time playing, reading and re, relaxing sting, especially during the summer.

Nature is your strongest ally
Can you imagine a terrace without plants or green elements that give you a daily energy recharge? Not at all, and it is precisely for this reason that landscapers play a vital role during the reform of terraces.

They work to perfectly combine the tangible elements of the terraces such as benches, railings, tables or countertops, with pots and plants to give vitality to the place with natural complements.

Take advantage of each simple or flat object you have on your terrace by subtly integrating plants and flowers, and you will notice that it will stand out and shine like never before.

Bet on the pergolas

If the space to be remodeled is quite large, then you can exploit its potential by installing a pergola that is both decorative and functional.

Do you wonder how this is possible? Simple, it’s beams are ideal for weaving climbing plants that will look spectacular, but under your roof, you can also place armchairs, furniture or loungers that allow you to relax at your leisure.

Do not underestimate furniture

Choose comfortable, utilitarian, contemporary furniture. Hammocks and hanging chairs, as well as cushions, colored rugs, bamboo furniture, lamps, decorative puffs, are just some staircases and of the ornaments that promise to give your terrace a unique and unmatched style.

And today there are multiple options in the market 100% customizable, so you do not even have to worry about someone else imitate the wave of your terrace. Isn’t this amazing?

Candles, soft furnishing and accessories.

The perfect combination! Yes, the Nordic style is here to stay and it’s the favourite of those families interested in a terrace renovation completely new and out of series.

This line includes white fabrics or skins, candles, white wooden walls, crystal chandeliers and other accessories in wrought iron. All promise to create a harmonious space in which to build unforgettable memories with your family and friends.

Vertical gardens

The vertical gardens look great and do you know what’s the best part? They are so easy and economical to install.

Best suited to smaller spaces, vertical gardens are a new and exciting way to improve your terrace. Then simply add vertical vegetation to bring that boho style and natural touch that everyone is talking about.

Now, since you know this perfect checklist for terrace renovation, you just have to be inspired and get in touch with the best professionals in the area to turn that outer space into your new sanctuary.

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