Your ultimate ally to have design spaces

The world of interior design keeps growing and changing constantly, it follows fad design trends and not always what we see on a magazine or on Pinterest is the best style fit for our space. Thousands of products and brands coexist in Barcelona, offering their quality and services. In front of a sea of possibilities is necessary to count with the expertise and technique of the professionals in order to take the best decisions for our renovation project.

From the renovation of your wood floor, to taking down a wall, an integral renovation company might be the best solution for you. In difference from the specialized companies in the market, a renewal company offers you a full and all-inclusive service, saving you the costs of hiring a carpenter for the floors, an architect to design the distribution of the space and a designer to create the interior design style.

Choosing to work with an integral renovation company is to have the perfect ally that will take care of every detail, from developing the project to the construction and decoration of the space. In terms of prices, time and effort a Renewal company is the best fit for you: they are professionals, so they have rules and work permissions controlled, they enjoy professional discounts as they belong to the industry, and on top of everything, they know how to choose exactly the materials that will be really necessary for your project.

Many of interior designer houses design the renovation project and then sub-contract or recommend the client renewal companies to make it possible. However, if you’re thinking on remodeling your whole flat, office or business, it will be ideal to contact a company that offers a real complete service with their own team. You’ll have at your service architects, designers and specialized employees all working together to fulfill your expectations.

With so many renewal companies in the market is normal to feel overwhelmed when deciding with which one to work, our recommendation is to find a company that gives you support thru the whole process, that makes you feel confident and that you trust on taking the right decisions for you. One of the latest trends in the interior design companies is to offer the client a personal shopper service in order to reach exactly the design goals they establish for the flat.

What the personal shopper can do for you

The personal shopper for interior design will take care of buying everything necessary for the design proposed by the team. Furniture, electronic equipment, art, decorative objects and literally everything to turn your flat exactly in the proposed design idea. Normally they’re professionals in the world of design and have access and contact with the most prestigious and exclusive design houses in the market.

decor les corts renovation

Which lamp to buy? Which furniture will fit the style of my kitchen better? Leave it to the experts and don’t wonder around between all the design trends and shops buying pieces that at the end you might don’t even use. The interior designer knows exactly how to get the perfect piece to give that special and charming design touch to your flat.

There are just a few renovation companies that can say they have architects and interior designers in their team, and a lot less that had added to their services this new personal shopping service. However, if you do get the chance to work among one of them, you won’t regret it, as you will actually have the home of your dreams, furnished to perfection and with the latest technology the market has to offer.