Trends and interior design in Barcelona 2019

This concept also known as “interior decoration” is the art of projecting a nice and ideal ambience of a specific place. Where there’s  a balance between space, architecture, technology and culture, being the interior design of the city of Barcelona one of its best examples.

Said design shows some evolution each year, creating trends which turn into a model for interior design in all of Europe. For 2019, we are already seeing hints of new interior designs, which are already a reference for renovating flats and houses in Barcelona.

The following are the latest and main trends in interior design in Bardelona, which are perfect if you’re thinking of renovating you flat or house, to turn it into a much more comfortable and enjoyable home with a great aesthetic.

  • Floors, very important

Floors represent one of the most seen elements in a flat, and they influence the ambience and colour combinations in walls as well as furniture, which is why they’re so important in interior design.

When it comes to interior design in Barcelona, trends lean towards materials in more diverse tones and colours, showing a marked trend towards modernism.

Trends and interior design in Barcelona 2019

Granite is an excellent option for stairs and corridors, as they’re places with more transit, this being a material which requires less maintenance. As for the rest of the flat, floors in hydraulic pavements in colours fitting the style and environment.

  • Doors, windows and terraces

They represent a part of the flat’s façade, and they’re as important in the interior as in the exterior. Hence, a perfect funish must be achieved on both side.

In this case the materials, designs and colours of these elements remind us of the homes of the 70s, where wood was replaced by glass with frames in dark colours, with modernist shapes.

Trends this years lean towards using glass in windows and doors, giving the flat a modernist touch. In the same way, metallic frames are preferred in the exterior, with round shapes in dark colours.

  • Rooms design

Flats in this great city have a common characteristic: counting with many rooms which space is of great relevance for interior design in Barcelona. In this case, wooden furniture combined with furniture made of solid source material (which is very resilient and easy to clean) are a part of those trends.

In the same way, the shapes in this furniture are getting curvier, with a preference for round and soft shapes in light and subtle colours.

  • Very high ceilings

In the flats of Barcelona, ceilings are very high, which grants us a certain liberty when it comes to decorating this part of the flat. The traditional white is the most used colour for this area, as this shade enhances both natural and artificial ambience lighting, and it also helps bring out what’s been done to the walls and floors.

Trends and interior design in Barcelona 2019

Achieving a clean and uniform finish is essential to have this effect, where corners and borders fade in a way that makes the depth of said white colour enhance its environment.

  • Walls, the most visible

This is perhaps the most visual out of all the elements in a flat, and one of the most relevant for interior design. In the trends being set for 2019, they include using linings in certain areas of the room, combined with subtle colours from neighbouring areas, which gives the environment balance and a very elegant aesthetic.

Said linings can be ceramic in dark colours, or wooden in subtler tones. Ebony or South African walnut are a good option.

  • Bathrooms, a place to relax

Interior design in Barcelona is a model for the rest of the world, and the bathrooms are not an exception. Trends for next year are built around the concept of the bathroom as a place for rest and relaxation, so we must try to achieve an ambience that transmits tranquility.

For that, marble or porcelain linings are ideal, as their image reflects warmth and safety. And the same thing happens with the furniture, oval-shaped mirrors as well as bathtubs or showers.

  • Integration of the Kitchens

When it comes to the kitchen, the trends for interior design in 2019, lean towards eliminating the bornders between it and the living room, integrating them with the same models of furniture, creating a very open and more familiar space.

Trends and interior design in Barcelona 2019

These are the main interior design trends in Barcelona in 2019, however there are many more, as they depend on the kind of ambience and style you need and want for your home. The best thing is to count on professionals who can advise you in this regard.


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