The constant evolution in jobs, the new technologies and ways to work, have led to the birth of current trends in office interior design in Barcelona and all of Europe. This has made this task something essential for the increase in productivity in companies all over the world.

What’s interior design?

Among the most important elements in an office’s environment is the comfort of the employees, turning the space into a nice environment that’ll mean an increase in their productivity.

This is where we need interior design in offices, as it’s the art of creating environments where productivity and comfort intermix, focusing always in the enjoyment of the employees. Optimising the space according to the amount of people and the sorts of activities that take place in it.

Interior design in Barcelona, the latest trends

Barcelona has always been known for being a place where many trends are born, and office design is no exception. The interior design in this city is one of the examples to be followed by many companies around the world.

The main current trends in interior design in Barcelona are as follows:

  • Colours

They’re very varied, always related to the company and its activities. However, currently many light hues are used as they give the impression of larger spaces and serenity. Complimented with furniture in livelier colours, which remind us of the offices of yesteryear.

  • Open spaces: farewell to divisions

The constant evolution of the ways to work have been leaning towards team work, where constant communication is essential for a higher productivity. This has made open spaces more common nowadays, eliminating all kinds of divisions and resulting in a very comfortable, nice and communicative environment.

office interior design

  • Rest areas

One of the main characteristics of interior design in offices in Barcelona is creating rest areas or non-working areas. Where the worker has access to a bar or an open coffee maker, enjoying fruit juices or healthy foods, the chance to chat with their co-workers or enjoy some recreation. The idea behind this kind of spaces is to increase the employees’ creativity.

  • Decoration with green spaces

In the interior design in offices in Barcelona, it’s currently very common to see decorations made of green plants, which not only give a natural environment to the space, but also offers a very nice aesthetic which combines with light colours and gives it a unique visual balance.

interiorismo oficinas

  • Ergonomic furniture, the secret of productivity

Recent studies have proved the use of ergonomic furniture in offices considerably increases productivity in work teams. This is due to the comfort this furniture provides delaying tiredness. In the same way, said furniture is focused on offering a balance between aesthetics and comfort.

Interior design in offices of Barcelona and the rest of the world is very important, as it’s focused on improving the workers’ performance and the company’s productivity through the use and distribution of the space as well as the comfort and aesthetics.

In the same way, interior design in offices represent the image and vision of the company, turning in some cases in its flag towards the world.

To create or develop a decoration and interior design that reflects the success of your business, the ideal thing is to hire a company that counts with the creative and qualified personnel to turn your office into an environment as nice as it is productive.