What’s the price of renovating a kitchen? Ideas and Budget

Are you thinking about renovating such an important part of your home and you haven’t a clue what budget you need for it? If you don’t know what’s the price of renovating a kitchen, you’re in the right place.

Kitchen renovations are currently one of the most popular and demanded, as next to the bathroom, they’re the most used parts of the home and thus the ones that suffer more wear, which eventually means damage.

The price of a kitchen renovation can vary considerably, it depends on different factors such as design, material quality, and size. Achieving a balance between the quality of the renovation and the available budget must be our goal.

Factors to include in the budget

We’ll now see the most important factors that affect the price of renovating a kitchen, knowing them in detail and keeping them in mind when you ask for a quote will save you a lot of money and headaches:


It may be the most important when it comes to the desired appearance of your kitchen, it’s directly related to the materials and even their quality. A simple but elegant design with sober details is usually enough to achieve the best quality to price ratio.

However, if you want a kitchen with more details in its design, such as a mini bar or a marble countertop, the cost will rise considerably. The best thing to do is to think about the kind of kitchen you want, and which design fits best into your budget.

Quality of the materials

The quality of the kitchen will depend directly on the materials with which it will be built, if you have a tight budget, the best thing to do is to choose a simple kitchen but with high quality materials. Otherwise, the useful life of your kitchen will be considerably shorter.

What’s the price of renovating a kitchen? Ideas and Budget

This is due to its continuous use in wet conditions and extreme temperatures, which will make low quality materials give in very quickly. The price to renovate the kitchen can be lowered with low quality materials, but its durability will be very short.


It’s one of the factors that isn’t considered once you’ve begun to renovate the kitchen. If you wish to modify the area completely, you must demolish everything first, which means rubble, additional noise pollution and a longer time to complete the renovation, with its added cost.

This activity is almost mandatory in every kitchen renovation, and its cost can be around €600.


It represents one of the most important parts of the renovation. It’s also usually one of the most variable, as there is a great variety in kitchen furniture with equally diverse prices. It makes up between 15 and 40% of the total renovation budget.

The kitchen furniture is one of the ones which take up the most space in it and it’s an essential part of the aesthetic of the renovation. It’s made up of a structure called a counter frame, in which you can add all the shelves, doors or drawers you may need.

The price of a counter, whose cost can vary depending on finish and style, is usually around €400/m, with the total budget for kitchen furniture reaching around €2000 on average.


It makes up around 20% of the total cost of the renovation, although this can vary due to the great diversity, offers and quality levels in the market. The countertop is the element that compliments a kitchen’s elegance.

What’s the price of renovating a kitchen? Ideas and Budget

There are different types of countertops, as well as different materials. Marble is the most expensive and laminate the cheapest, and there are also in-between options such as Silestone.

The choice depends on the budget and design of the kitchen. Obviously, the marble option is one with the highest quality, however a Silestone countertop is an excellent option since its quality to price ratio is the best at €300/m2


It’s the most used material in this kind of renovations as it’s the one that shows more wear due to its continuous use. Due to its great resistance and durability, ceramic pavements are the favourites of most clients, as they also have a very reasonable price.

The price of flooring is approximately €35/m2, which means the material and labour can cost around €2000 for a 40m2 kitchen.

Installations (electrical, plumbing)

They are almost always completely replaced, as normally they show a lot of wear and damage, which makes substituting most of their components mandatory. Its cost is usually less than 10% of the total budget.

This part of the renovation cannot be overlooked. Approximate prices for electricity (materials + labour) is €700, and for plumbing, €550.

According to Habilitissimo, a search engine specialised in renovations, the average price to renovate a kitchen is €4739, with a maximum price of around €12700.

The prices to renovate a kitchen can vary greatly, but it’s your choice to decide which activities you can do, which materials to use, and which design to execute to makes the cost fit your budget.


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