Which colors to have in mind for the design of your entry hall

When figuring out the design for your entry hall it’s important for you to consider the different colors at your disposal, and the effects they can produce when used on your hall.

Many times, when the time comes for redesigning our entry halls, because of the many color options available it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed and unsure about which ones to choose.

Which colors are the most appropriate for an entry hall? Here we will show you the different effects that different colors can produce.


The power of colors in a space

It’s possible to change easily the perception of size that your entry hall exudes depending on the colors you use for the walls.

If your entry hall is of reduced size, it’s possible to make it feel elegant, and make it produce a sensation of bigger size, by painting its walls with a light-brown tone.

On the contrary, if your hall is very big and illuminated, we recommend you paint its walls with a light-ochre tone, which will allow you to highlight the space of the hall, and adjust the lighting appropriately.


Don’t be afraid of using colors

Colors can be your biggest allies for designing an entry hall, so don’t be afraid of making the most out of their potential!

Some combinations never fail: For instance, a rustic entryway with intense earth colors is ideal for the design of an entry hall in a house.

What’s important is that you figure out the design that you really want – don’t allow yourself to be limited by fear of what you choose not matching with whatever is considered “traditional”.

Which colors to have in mind for the design of your entry hall


Incorporate colors with details

If you want to start experimenting with bold colors before getting into designs that require more commitment, a good option is to play with the colors of the accessories in the entry hall.

You can change the design of a hall by using colorful (and preferably new) rugs, lamps, shelves, or pieces of art that provide a new range of color.

A kilim can be an excellent option, as it can provide a very dynamic energy to an entry hall.

It isn’t necessary to start by painting your walls when experimenting with color – take your time experimenting with different combinations of accessories before painting the walls of your hall.


Light tones as a base

The design of an entry hall can also implement light colors, and still be warm and welcoming.

You can decide to use light colors on your walls, such as cream or light-blue tones.

Using light colors such as those will result in an entry hall with softer and lighter colors that exude serenity and calmness, and thus, if you wish to have an entry hall with relaxing effects, then this is a good alternative.

Which colors to have in mind for the design of your entry hall


A classic alternative for your entry hall

Light-green tones are ideal for creating a classic atmosphere. A good alternative for implementing a classic design for your hall is to combine metallic and neutral colors.

A great ally for these kinds of finishes is using wallpaper with geometric patterns. This classic alternative will provide much more emotion to your entry hall.


Long-lasting colors

A growing alternative is using gray in the design of your entry hall. This provides an alternative that will easily endure the passage of time.

Despite it being a neutral color, it doesn’t have to exude coldness in the space where it’s implemented. The secret is to use this color with different patterns that give vibrancy to the color, as well as energize the atmosphere of the entry hall.

If you want to learn how to make the most out of the color gray for decorating your entry hall, you can check out this page.

Which colors to have in mind for the design of your entry hall


Natural potential

A good strategy is taking advantage of the colors and sensations that nature provides to us.

For instance, if you wish to transmit the sensation of being near the sea, a good idea is to paint the lower half of your walls with blue tones.

On the other hand, if you want your entry hall to transmit vitality and energy, a good alternative is to use wallpaper decorated with colorful and avant-garde vegetation.


If you want to see more ideas we invite you to visit our Pinterest board here, which has several ideas for designing entry halls.

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Have you considered before these colors for the design of your entry hall? We’d love to read your opinions about this!


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