¿Why is it cheaper to make major house renovation than several small renovations?

This article is the result of collaboration with Financial Services Firmax. As mortgage managers, we are going to explain why it is cheaper to carry out a major house renovation as opposed to several small reforms.

One of our products is the Mortgage Renovations . That is why, after many years of experience, we have been able to verify and know the concerns of our customers regarding the renovations.

And today we want to share it with you! So that we can help to answer some of your questions.

Save time and discomfort

A home renovation can take between six and nine weeks on average. This will depend on the type of renovation and the professionals who carries it out.

¿Why is it cheaper to make major house renovation than several small renovations?


During this period, the house renovation company will be in your home carrying out the project you have requested.

This process can be uncomfortable for many people and that is why choosing a competent and professional reform firm will be crucial to facilitating this period.

Let’s take an example.

Let us imagine that we need to reform the kitchen, the dining room and the bathroom of our house.

Since we do not have enough economic resources to carry out a complete renovation, we decided to carry out one small renovation per year.

Speaking of costs in time and inconvenience, we would be talking about three interrupted renovations in which:

  • The refurbishment company will have to do and manage the budget three times.
  • The professionals will have to remove the furniture and place it three times.
  • Your renovations won’t be finished for another three years.

While, on the contrary, carrying out the house renovation, we would have the following scenario:

  • The remodeling company will make a single budget.
  • The professionals will remove the furniture and place it only once.
  • Your complete reform will be ready in just a few months, and you will be able to enjoy your new home and improve your quality of life there.

Economic savings through a complete renovation

In response to the main question in the article, all mentioned above has economic implications.

The longer professionals are removing furniture, and repositioning it, the more the renovation budget will increase.

¿Why is it cheaper to make major house renovation than several small renovations?

In addition, with reference to funding, we are also going to find a great advantage in doing a complete renovation.

Small renovations could be paid for with:

  • Own capital. It is possible that you have some savings, or receive a loan from a family member, if we talk about low budgets.
  • Personal loan. Many people tend to apply for personal loans to carry out their small reforms. It is a good option if the budget is low, but they have the great disadvantage that interest rates are expensive.

Following the example above, if we decide to make the three small renovations separately, we would have to apply for three different personal loans.

One per year!

This is madness at the level of indebtedness that we are going to generate, because, having such high interest rates, if we want the repayment to be low, we would have to put the loan in the medium term.

In that case, we would end up accumulating the payments and quotas. It is not feasible!

Taking advantage of funding for house renovations.

On the other hand, when making a complete house renovation, we have the option of:

  • Apply for a mortgage loan. By owning a home, whether free of charge or not, we can apply for a mortgage loan or extend the current to make the house renovation.
    The mortgage renovations have a term of up to 30 years, and a very low interest rate.
    In fact, most of the clients who have asked us for this product have taken advantage of it to improve the conditions of their current mortgage, and have ended up paying the same instalment they were already paying, but including the house renovation.
  • Apply for a personal loan. This option is the least recommended for applying for high capital amounts. Since, as we mentioned before, the interest rate is much higher, and the financing term is usually much shorter. So the fee would be much higher.

In conclusion, funding for house renovation can help us in two main ways.

¿Why is it cheaper to make major house renovation than several small renovations?

On the one hand, it helps to avoid the stress of small renovations, thanks to good financial planning, leaving us with only our renovated home.

Without forgetting that, on the other hand, it helps us to save financially or, if not more, to maintain the savings that cost us so much to generate!


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