When you decide to renovate your house, do not forget to include a chill out space in your renovation. Don’t lose the functionality and comfort that this space can bring!

Chill out places are spaces in your house where you can hang out, relax and feel comfortable, either alone or with friends. Because of that, you can’t leave out this space at the time of doing any kind of renovation.

You don’t need a big exterior space, or a balcony, to have a chill out space – almost any space is enough to create a chill out place which is adapted to your likes and needs, and which you can make the most out of.

These spaces can have many styles, but you should always look for comfort, harmony and peace. Because of that, natural elements are usually included in chill out spaces, under simple but functional designs.

The materials which are used the most for this kind of spaces are wood, wicker, rattan, bamboo, stone, and some kinds of fabric. Outdoor carpets are useful for these spaces.

Chill out spaces allow you to combine colors, patterns, and different kinds of materials.

The furniture of chill out zones is usually composed of: Comfortable sofas, big and small cushions, poufs, rocker arms, hammocks, and auxiliary tables of different sizes.

Other elements like plants, flowers, candles, vases, tablecloths and sculptures help complement the final style of the place.


chill out


Combine lights and shadows

Chill out spaces are characterized for having shadow, and sources of natural light, which makes the space a relaxing place at any time of the day. To do this, canopies, pergolas, curtains and umbrellas are also used, which help control the entrance of light at any moment.

At night you usually want the lighting to be dim. For that purpose you can use small lamps with warm lights and low power. You can also use candles of different sizes, or an external fire. Using dim lighting will really make your chill out place a cozy haven for hanging out alone or with others.


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Sounds and smells that relax you

A chill out space that is complemented with relaxing sounds like music, birds chirping, a fountain, or sea sounds, enhances the relaxation experience in every sense. Thus, keep in mind implementing one or more of these elements in your chill out zone.

Fragrant oils and flowers also add additional value to your space.

If your chill out space is in an outdoor zone, then you should make sure that the elements you use for it are weather-resistant, specially the floors and the furniture.

Also, don’t limit yourself! You can mix styles, and even use recycled materials (furniture or tables made of wood). Everything goes, as long as you combine well all the materials and elements you use.

Blue and green tones are the most used in chill out spaces due to their relaxing effect, as well as the bohemian or rustic style these tones provide.

If you have no outdoor space in your house, don’t worry – you can set aside a place in your living room (or any other corner of your house) as your chill out place, where you can make the most out of it to relax. In this case we would be creating a “chill in” space.

So, are you ready to have your very own chill out place?